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e-Interior Design

All you need is access to a computer to take advantage of my E Design services. The choice is yours, we can work together, via Email, Skype, WhatsApp or Viber, to impersonate your vision no matter where you live.


Send me few pictures of your room and some inspiration images. Seeing the space is only part of the equation, you need to see what someone envisions in it.


Room measurements and photos allow me to create customized concept board proposals. Concept board includes space planning, furniture arrangement, paints, fabrics, wallpaper, curtains and other decorative accessories like lightning and area rugs.


No matter how much money you want to spend, I can provide/make you complete shopping list to easily shop on your own.
I, Lejla Budnjo work with any budget, high or low, combining new and existing items together to create a new look for your home.


Room Fresh Up

You are done with your furnishing, but you are still missing something?
Your room needs the final touch?

Room Makeover

You want stylish and modern design for your room? Beside a certain imagination and budget, you lack time and patience. Creativity, experience and know-how is what you need to fulfill your vision.

Flat Makeover

You want stylish and modern design for your living space? But you are missing the key element that represents your personal taste. You have a certain vision how to decorate your room. Your budget is fix.

Customized planning

For the planning of customized kitchens, living concepts and furnishings kindly contact us directly.


You want to have creative solutions for your rooms - then you are on the right place